What Is Krill?

Krill are a type of shrimp-like marine invertebrate animal. These small crustaceans are important organisms of the zooplankton, particularly as food for baleen whales, manta rays, whale sharks, crabeater seals, and other seals, and a few seabird species that feed almost exclusively on them.

What is Krill?

Krill for Aquaculture

Krill has long been recognized as a Natural Source of high protein, essential amino acids and pigmentation for fin fish and crustatcean feed applications.
image of krill for the aquaculture industry

Krill as Nutraceuticals

Krill oil is now one of the shining stars of the health supplement market for Natural source of Omegas cartenoids and phospholipids in gel cap form.

image of krill oil capsules

Krill Specifications Download

Download a copy of the latest Krill Canada Product Specifications and Details.

image of krill oil capsules

Krill as Bait Attractant

Krill Canada has been supplying krill in various forms for use as a natural bait attractant. For decades the feed industry has used it so why not as bait
Fresh Frozen Antarctica Krill
fresh frozen antartic krill

Krills Available

Species: Euphausia Pacifica
Local: North East Pacific
Size: 1 - 1.5 cm

Species: Euphausia Superba
Local: Anarctica
Size: 3.5 - 6cm